Janrain API Documentation

The Janrain API documentation has changed! We’ve verified all the existing content, deleted what wasn’t useful, and added more explanations and code samples.

We’re working on updating the rest of the help system, but for now we wanted to share the API documentation update. More docs updates coming soon!

Janrain RESTful APIs

Janrain provides access to advanced features through a RESTful web API that requires only the ability to send HTTPS requests and parse JSON responses. You can use these requests to retrieve contact data, map an identity to multiple accounts, and more. The RESTful format allows you to communicate with your application and relay the results to your own site.

Developer Resources

  • Overview: Familiarize yourself with the technical capabilities of the Janrain platform.
  • How To: Implement and configure Janrain.
  • Reference: Review code samples, release notes, API specifications, and other reference topics.

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