Product Name Changes

New features and innovations are constantly being added to the Janrain platform and over time, products have been renamed. Going forward, the products will follow a naming scheme based on their functionality. The topics in the Developer Portal have been updated accordingly.

Note: These terms are still used in code, and will be referenced directly when applicable.

  • Engage — Is now known as Social Login or Social Sharing. This solution allows users to log in or share content using an identity provider.
  • Capture — Is now known as Registration. This solution allows users to log in to websites using social or traditional login, storing the user data for the customer.
  • JUMP — Is now known as Janrain, and is the entire software platform.
  • Federate — Is now known as Single Sign-On, and is a solution that allows social login or registration for an umbrella of related websites.
  • Extensions — Are now known as integrations, and are organized into pre-built, blueprint, and self-serve categories.

Feature Changes

In addition, we have revised some product definitions.


  • Capture Express — Is no longer implemented. The same functionality is available as a configuration of the Registration product.
  • Capture Premium — This name is no longer used. The functionality is simply assumed to be Registration.

Social Login

  • Service Levels (Basic, Pro, Plus, Enterprise) — Janrain is changing how features are offered to customers. For existing customers, your service levels will operate as they have in the past. For new customers, please consult Janrain for more information.
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