Engagement Overview

Janrain’s Engagement product captures social conversations and encourages users to create content on your websites or mobile properties. Engagement can be configured with the following modules:

Article/Blog Comments

Allows an end user to sign in/register and comment on a website or mobile property. Comments can be shared with a user’s friends on the social network used to log in (if sharing is supported by that network).

See a demo of the Article/Blog Comments functionality.

Social Activity

Displays on-site social activities filtered by individual user, a user’s friends from social networks, or site-wide. On-site user social activity includes user comments on articles/blogs, live chat postings and replies, likes on posts, and social shares of posts.

See a demo of the Social Activity functionality.

Live Event Chat

Allows users to sign in through their social networks to participate in a live event chat. Users can share their posted content on the chat stream to their social network (if sharing is supported by that social network).

See a demo of the Live Event Chat functionality.

Curated Tweets

Presents off-site curated tweets in a news feed-style visualization. You may deploy multiple curated tweet modules. Users log in through Twitter to engage with this module.

See a demo of the Curated Tweets functionality.

General Features

The following capabilities are supported for all modules except where noted.

  • A user may log in with a username and password or with any of the social login options supported by Janrain and be automatically logged in to the Engagement modules. See Identity Providers for a list of the Social Login identity providers that Janrain supports.
  • A user can share content to the following networks available for login:
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
  • User content may be moderated by an approved administrator before being posted.
  • User activity may be tracked by integrating Engagement event handlers with third-party analytics.
  • The Engagement user interface may be localized into any language.
  • Engagement supports mobile web-optimized widgets for small screens and tablets.

Engagement Moderation

User posts may be approved or rejected by a moderator from the Engagement dashboard. A moderator must be granted moderation privileges by your Engagement dashboard administrator. After the solution has been provisioned, Janrain will provide a standalone guide that contains specific moderation procedures.


In the pre-moderation process, postings are automatically routed to the Pending queue, where the moderator can individually approve or reject them. You must select the stream’s Pre-Moderate option to do moderation this way.


By default, after filtering, posts flow into the Approved queue and are then published on the website. The moderator can then go to the Approved queue and individually reject posts or put them into pending status.

Engagement Integration

The Engagement modules are individually configured through the Engagement dashboard. The modules are integrated with Janrain site registration via Backplane. Once your modules have been provisioned, Janrain will provide:

  • A standalone guide that contains step-by-step configuration procedures.
  • Backplane credentials.
  • HTML and JavaScript code for each of the Engagement modules to integrate on your website.
  • A guide containing the CSS classes associated with post and Tweet elements so you can customize their appearance to match the look and feel of your website.


You can localize text, labels, validation messages, and error messages in the user interface for Engagement modules by setting the locale parameter in JavaScript. The locale parameter is required and supports the following values:

  • de
  • en (US)
  • en-gb
  • es
  • fr
  • jp
  • mx

For locales not yet supported or further customization of a supported language, the labels can be overridden as shown in the example code below. For example, if you want the Site Activity module to display “Reply” instead of “Comment”, you add the line "replyControl" :"Reply".

  "localization": {
    // Item text
    "guest": "Guest",
    "today": "Today",
    "yesterday": "Yesterday",
    "lastWeek": "Last Week",
    "lastMonth": "Last Month",
    "secondAgo": "Second Ago",
    "secondsAgo": "Seconds Ago",
    "minuteAgo": "Minute Ago",
    "minutesAgo": "Minutes Ago",
    "hourAgo": "Hour Ago",
    "hoursAgo": "Hours Ago",
    "dayAgo": "Day Ago",
    "daysAgo": "Days Ago",
    "weekAgo": "Week Ago",
    "weeksAgo": "Weeks Ago",
    "monthAgo": "Month Ago",
    "monthsAgo": "Months Ago",
    "textToggleTruncatedMore": "more",
    "textToggleTruncatedLess": "less",
    "from": "from",
    "via": "via",
    "loading": "Loading...",
    "moreItems": "View more items",

    // Submit box text
    "createdBy": "Created by",
    "on": "on",
    "post": "Post",
    "posting": "Posting...",
    "update": "Update",
    "updating": "Updating...",
    "hintText": "Type your comment here...",
    "replyHintText": "Write a comment...",
    "yourWebsiteOptional": "Your website (optional)",

    // Login text
    "edit": "Edit",
    "login": "Login",
    "logout": "Logout",
    "loggingOut": "Logging out...",
    "or": "or",
    "signup": "signup",

    // Facebook "Like" text
    "likeThis": " like this.",
    "likesThis": " likes this.",
    "likeControl": "Like",
    "unlikeControl": "Unlike",
    "liking": "Liking...",
    "unliking": "Unliking...",

    // Stream text "live": "Live",
    "paused": "Paused",
    "more": "More",
    "loading": "Loading...",
    "emptyStream": "No items at this time...",
    "varNew": "new",

    // Twitter text
    "reply": "Reply",
    "retweet": "Retweet",
    "favorite": "Favorite",

    // Share text
    "shareFriends":"Share with your friends",
    "shareFacebook": "Share on Facebook",
    "shareTwitter": "Share on Twitter",
    "discussionStarted": "started a discussion and wants you to join!",

    // Facebook/Instagram Comment text
    "replyControl": "Comment",

    // Submit login text
    "youMustBeLoggedIn": "You must be logged in"

Engagement Analytics

Engagement Dashboard Analytics

You can access the following graphs and charts through the Engagement dashboard:

Module Dashboard Analytics Support Analytics Graphs and Charts
Article/Blog Comments Count comments and replies. Real-time Stream Activity graph
On-site Participation Distribution pie chart
Social Activity Determine the distribution of on-site social activity, including the number of comments. Real-time Stream Activity graph
On-site Participation Distribution pie chart
Live Event Chat Count posts and replies. On-site Participation Distribution pie chart
Curated Tweets Determine the distribution of curated tweets, including the total number of tweets and retweets. Twitter Distribution pie chart

Third-party Analytics

Engagement activity can be integrated with Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics via JavaScript event handlers. These tools can then capture the number of user clicks on certain widgets or tabs, track on-site user activity, and so on.

Engagement JavaScript event handlers use the following format:

  "Event Name Here", function(
    // Handle data here and call Adobe/Google Analytics APIs

Supported events and data parameters are defined in the following tables.

Event Name Description Parameters
Stream.onReady Called after the stream finishes loading. data.streamID
Stream.onRender Called before the stream begins to load. data.streamID
Stream.onRerender Called before the stream begins to load any additional times after the initial load. data.streamID
Stream.Item.onRender Called before each post in a stream begins to load. data.item.data.object.id
Submit.onRender Called before any submit box is created. data.targetURL
Submit.onExpand Called before any reply box is created. data.targetURL
Submit.onPostComplete Called after a user successfully creates a post. data.postData.actorID
Stream.onMoreButtonPress Called after the More button on a stream is clicked to retrieve more posts. data.streamID
Stream.Item.onControlClick Called after any control button is clicked on a post. Control buttons include Reply, Retweet, Favorite, Like, Unlike, and Comment. data.item.data.object.id
Stream.Plugins.Like.onLikeComplete Called after a user successfully likes a post. data.item.data.object.id
Stream.tabChange Called after a user clicks a tab. data.streamID

Event Parameters

Parameter Description
data.streamID Returns the stream ID where the event occurred.
data.targetURL Returns the stream ID of the target.
data.postData.name Returns the name of the user who created the post. For Twitter, it is the @ handle of the user. For Facebook, it returns the full username.
data.postData.id Returns the profile URL of the user who created the post, such as http://twitter.com/foo or https://graph.facebook.com/foo.
data.item.data.object.id Returns the permalink to the post/tweet.
data.tabTitle Returns the title of the tab clicked.
data.tabID Returns the ID of the tab clicked as defined in the Arktan configuration.
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